A couple of weeks ago there was a giant stainless steel pan sitting on a table in the lunch room at work, with a note saying there were 35 of them…free for the taking.  With lids.

Of course, I just had the have one.  Or five.  For…uh…well…hmmm…I had no idea.  But my building of about 50 people cleared them out that day. 


As people would walk by with their giant pan, I’d ask what they planned to do with it.  With varying degrees of defensiveness, everyone admitted they didn’t have a clue.  But when they saw it, they just had to have it.

They tried to put it in the oven at work.  Good on width, but the oven wasn’t deep enough.  So no massive cakes.  Portable fire pit?  Giant pan of chips and salsa?  Beer and ice for a party?

Here’s what I did with mine this weekend. Herb garden.


Even as we were drilling the drainage holes, my father was lamenting the destruction of such beautiful vessels…but he couldn’t come up with a better use.


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  1. I am like you, they look great, I would have taken them and I still don’t have an idea of what to use them for.


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